Why wait, become a PhotoHiker today!

I want to invite everyone to become a #PhotoHiker today. All you have to is take apart of any of our upcoming #PhotoHike events.

Get Out, Get Fit & Take Some Pics!

#PHOTOHIKE is an opportunity to meet & network with other photographers from your area in a non competitive environment. It’s a perfect reason to get fit and take some pics. To keep the experience fresh each #PHOTOHIKE event will be hosted at a different environment and location, from the city to the woodlands, in order to provide opportunities to strengthen your photography skills.

The emphasis of the hike will change to incorporate different styles of photography from landscape photography to portraits, fashion editorial or street photography.Each #PHOTOHIKE will be in diverse areas in order to give PhotoHikers an arsenal of creative and unique locations for their own projects.

From time to time professional photographer of all genres will be invited to come host a hike and to share some of their knowledge. I’m also inviting those professionals who often play a very important role in helping you create an amazing photograph; makeup artists, models, hair stylists, fashion coordinators, and fashion designers to take in the view with us.

This the ultimate excuse for you to get away from your computer’s, get out the studio (or house) and take in some breathe taking views. Grab your camera and get out of your comfort zone.. one hike at a time.

#PHOTOHIKE is welcome to photographers of all levels.

QUESTIONS? www.photohike.org


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