Backstage at Fashion Week LA!


I had the honor of being hired by my client, fashion designer, Pauline Stangl as she makes her fashion week debut at the Fashion Week LA show hosted at Liaison Lounge. Here are images I took while backstage.

Pauline Stangl of Nkoumazap Designs doing last minute model fittings.

I love the energy of being backstage during fashion week. Its not the runway but backstage where all the magic happens. Beautiful models showing up like heard of dear. Pointed this way, that way, all in effort to keep things organized. All of the designer’s doing last minute fittings, steaming their wardrobe and trying to keep from going insane.


During this moment my job is to be a fly on the wall. Looking for the candid moment that tell the story of this organized chaos. Trying to not be in anyone’s way or get ran over by any model as they run to get their hair done and makeup applied.

When shooting its not about blasting away but patiently waiting for the moment. Not only when models have their clothes on but also when I’m not in the way. At this moment its not about me. Rather its about capturing those images that help to tell that story about another season of fashion week.



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