Street Photography In New York City With The Panasonic GH5


During my visit to New York for the 2017 Photo Plus Expo I couldn’t help myself but walk the streets of the Big Apple. Ive already used the Panasonic GH5 numerous times for my YouTube videos, which is outstanding, I wanted to take the opportunity to test out the GH5’s photography capability.

PANA5505.jpgFor the days I attended the PhotoPlus Expo I left my Nikon D810 at home sense I didn’t want to have to carry around any extra gear that would only add to the weight in my ThinkTank shoulder bag.


Thought I had a 12-60mm (24-120mm full frame equivalent) lens I choose to only use the 20mm f1.7 Panasonic lens to capture all the photos during my journey along the streets of New York. This lens and the compact size of the Lumix GH5 allowed me to be discreet enough to maneuver through the crowds but a wide enough angle to capture the expanse of the city’s skyscrapers. I was truly impressed with the clean, sharp jpeg images coming straight out the camera.PANA5456.jpgI had so much fun shooting this mirrorless camera. The auto-focus was fast and accurate. Every image I wanted to capture I was able to do so without hesitation- never mission an opportunity. GH5 made me rethink of my perception of the size of a camera’s sensor in it’s ability to capture great images.

Find more information about the Panasonic Lumix GH5 here.




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