I Made The Cover of PUMP Magazine

May Global Beauty Vol. 2 Tearsheets

I wanted to share some exciting new that I just notified that a recent beauty editorial photoshoot I shot, entitled “Untamed Artistry” made the cover of The Global Beauty Edition Vol. 2 – May 2018 issue of PUMP Magazine.

Though I’ve done numerous beauty photography shoots in the past this was the first one I decided to submit to a magazine for publication. All the images featured in the editorial was all captured in my living room with my Nikon D500, Flashpoint XPLOR 600 monolight and seamless paper backdrops by Savage Universal and of course a reflector.

The concept behind this photo shoot was to exemplify the untamed beauty in the rawness of women. I wanted the makeup, done by Ava Bambico with model Janay Cian, to represents the chaos the surrounds women and the beauty and light that shines through regardless of the circumstance.
May Global Beauty Vol. 2 Tearsheets11.jpg

You can view all the photos published inside Pump Magazine by click here: https://www.robertsilverphotography.com/portfolio/C00005qclKm.3uwE/G0000H0m4stBFq_A


I’ll be sharing creative photography techniques on how to capture commercial-ready beauty portraits during my upcoming Beauty Photography Workshop in Los Angeles, CA – Sunday, May 27th. For more information go to https://ro9492.wixsite.com/workshops/events/beauty-photography-workshop-los-angeles


You can view more of my work at:


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