PUBLISHED: The Red Dragon Lady, Elegant Magazine

Red Dragon_Page_04.jpg

Sexy, Confident & On Fire

This is one of the editorials that my creative team and I had to earn each photo taken. Sutro Baths in San Francisco gave us the perfect backdrop for the style of images I wanted to create.

It was a very windy and cold winter evening. Where at any moment that the wind wanted to knock down lighting stands and ruin the models hair styling. But of course the shoot must go on. Especially since the overall lighting was perfect – a beautiful warm sunset.

Red Dragon_Page_05.jpg

Despite the wind I was able to free the frame shooting with the Nikon D850 and the Flashpoint XPLOR 600 with very little effort. The XPLOR 600 filled in any unpleasing shadows while the Nikon D850 gave me the color and details any magazine would expect me to deliver.

The concept that stylist Favi Vega and I wanted to convey was to create images  that would project an aura of strength of confidence through blood red colors.

Creative Team:

  • Favi Vega, fashion stylist
  • Kevin Santos, model (Scout Agency)
  • Bonice Halverson, hair & makeup
  • Ricky Sabou, assist. photographer

You can purchase your copy of the April 2018 issue of Elegant Magazine HERE.

You can view all the images I took for yourself HERE.



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