You Could Never Go Wrong With Natural Light


Summer Simplicity Couldn’t Be More Simple

I wanted to share some images I recently had published in a 8 page spread of the #12 Vol.2 issue of Shuba Magazine. All the photos were captured using only natural light and my Nikon D850.

I teamed up with fashion stylist Melanie Todd of Gaoen Style featuring mode Tabitha Nelson to produce a summer fashion editorial entitled “Summer Simplicity.” I wanted the creative process to be very simple by leaving all my lighting gear and stands at home. Allowing me to concentrate more on the composition and getting the best out of Tabitha.

What really sealed the deal was the fashionable touches by Melanie. We discuss the concept I was going for a couple weeks prior to the shoot and she arrive the perfect wardrobe for the editorial. Every choice was diverse and reinforced the story I wanted to have the images tell.


Again a great team, not gear & expensive lighting, was the reason why I’m so proud of the results of the images that where produced. The secret to my favorite work is building great relationships with other creatives and allowing them and trusting them to do what they do best.

Success is never achieved alone. As a photographer you’re the captain of the ship but it’s your job to get the right crew together.

View all the images published inside Shuba Magazine on my website:

Keep shooting & stay creative!


Portraits In The Park: A Portrait Photography Workshop

I’ll be sharing how I created these shots and more in my upcoming portrait photography workshop Portraits In The Park (Sunday, July 15th, 2018):

  • Framing your subject
  • Directing a model
  • Creative ways to use a reflector
  • Proper use of shadows & more

Featuring model Marie Nikki Combs of MDT Agency.

RSVP & reserve your space here:


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