Portraits In The Park: A Natural Light Photography Workshop (Recap)

I wanted to share a few lessons I’ve learned during my photo shoots and shared during my Portraits In The Park: Natural Light Portrait Photography workshop.

Composition Is King

Regardless of the camera or lenses you owned composition reigns supreme. Too many times photographer are amazed, stunned and are satisfied with the photos they take just because the camera captured a high quality photo. Look further than just the output of quality. Quality is going to happen regardless because most cameras you get now are going to produce quality images with very little effort. What separates you from another guy with a camera is your unique use of composition applied in your images.


Shooting In 3s

Helping to establish a narrative throughout final images remember to captured wide (full body, medium and close up shots. I’m not saying for you to have to choose one each for your final image. But applying this method will allow you to have  a dynamic range of composed images to work with.


Don’t Forget The Power Of Perspective 

I honestly believe aside from the rule of thirds, perspective is one of the easiest but yet most forgotten compositional rules when beginning portrait photography forget to apply. The experience of life is not only at eye level. So why should all your images be? Try capturing portraits above high level – slightly downward. Which helps with beauty or closeup sense it get the eyes closer to the lens. Get down on one knee or even sit on the ground as well. Creating a feeling of importance, confidence or strength from your subject.


As you can see I never mentioned try this lens or go by the camera. Everything I mentioned you can apply, right now, with just the camera on your cell phone. When trying to understand why you enjoy an images your captured look beyond the technical.


I hope you enjoyed my recap. If you enjoyed what I had to share you can join me at any of my upcoming portrait photography workshops. You can head to my website, click workshops for dates and details: https://ro9492.wixsite.com/workshops 

Keep shooting & stay creative!


You can view more of my work at:


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