The Male Portrait Photography Workshop I Hosted In Los Angeles

Male Portraits LA - 68
Nikon D850 + Nikkor 70-200mm f/2.8 (1/160, f/6.3 @ ISO100)

I wanted to share with you some images I took during the Male Portrait Photography Workshop I taught at FD Photo Studio in downtown Los Angeles – March 2nd, 2019. After a 30 min instruction presentation about the difference of capturing portraits of male subjects vs female we spent the remaining time taking photos of our featured model.

For  this workshop I teamed up with makeup artist Wendi Farias and actor/model James Parker.

Male Portraits LA - 98
Nikon D850 + Nikkor 70-200mm f/2.8 (1/160, f/4 @ ISO100)

The reason why I choose FD Photo Studio for the location of my workshop was because of there diverse of options of rentals studios. Each having their own unique creative environment. The one we used was Studio D, the book shelf room.

For the first half of the workshop we used a two light setup (a key light camera right & one fill light camera left) with a thunder gray Savage seamless backdrop. For the last outfit we decided to take advantage of the beautiful rustic bookshelf as a backdrop. In this case we decided to use a three light set up: key light camera right, rim/kicker light camera left rear of the subject and the last light used pointed at the bookshelf.

Male Portraits LA - 4
Nikon D850 + Nikkor 105mm f1.4 (1/160, f6.3 @ ISO100)

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