My First In Studio Photo Shoot With The Nikon Z6

DSC_1175This shoot featuring Mariana (@moochieemiani) was the first time I decided to put the Nikon D850 down and shot in studio with the Nikon Z6. And let me see I was seriously impressed.

Knowing that this camera had, by far, less resolution the D850 (24mp to be exact to the D850’s 46mp) I thought I was going to see a significant different in image quality. For this shoot I wanted to use multiple different color seamless Savage backdrops to really see the color the Z6’s sensor can capture.


As I was shooting tethered to Capture One (V12) I was able to immediately see the color of each image just jump off my laptop screen. It worked flawlessly with the program and weighing less than the D850 made it easy to hand hold through out the shoot. I didn’t need to rest the camera on a tripod at all.


This is just one of a few photo shoots I’m doing for my review of the camera.

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