Watch my first short film, ‘The Art We Know’

NOW AVAILABLE – my first short film


This is the first part of a docu-series where Oakland, CA based filmmaker Robert Silver search for the meaning of art by asking artists from diverse backgrounds what it means to them to reveal, express and showcase their creativity to the world. 

The Art We Know is a journey to uncover the unique relationship we have with art and our instinctively need creatively expressive ourselves in hopes to discover, connect and reveal our true self. In the first episode features artist Jenai Chin as she shares her perspective of what it would be like if art didn’t exist.

Please Watch & Post a Comment on YouTube!




  • Jenai Chin (artist)
  • Robert Silver (writer, director, editor)

A Day One Films production.

Shot with my Nikon Z6 & Nikkor lenses.


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