A Steel Sculptor Stars In The Next Episode of My Docu-Series

Say hi to Bay Area steel sculptor artist Shawn HibmaCronan . Starring in the 2nd episode of my short film, docu-series ‘The Art We Know.’ An amazing artist with a lot of insight to share. Here a couple of photos I took with my Nikon Z6 at Shawn’s studio where all the magic begins. Last week we started pre-production and next week filming begins.


Shawn HibmaCronan creates large-scale, moving sculpture from wood, steel, and reclaimed objects intended to engage the viewer, activate an environment, and spark conversation. Embracing traditional and contemporary methods of making, Craftsmanship is critical in his work. No material is disguised and no mechanism is hidden so that the resulting forms remain honest, tangible, and iconic. 

You can see more of Shawn’s work at http://www.shawnhibmacronan.com/


You can watch the first episode of the docu-series The Art We Know staring Jenai Chin now. Click here https://youtu.be/3WEVeewYiKM

A Day One FILMS production.


Keep shooting and stay creative,

Robert Silver


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