#michaelschallenge Photo Challenge Results


Yes I now this post is super late but this shoot was so much fun so… here it is anyway.

About a year or so ago Michael’s Arts & Crafts stores encouraged people to come take photos in the floral aisles, dubbing it the Michael’s Challenge.” The challenge soon enough became a fun viral creative ways for photographers to take some photos all over the country.

_RSP4393When I heard about this earlier this year I thought this would a fun photo challenge but I wanted to add one more variable. Aside from producing beautiful images with the least amount of pre-production as possible, no additional lighting (ex. studio strobes), I wanted to get the photos published in a fashion magazine.


It’s safe to say that my team and I was able to accomplish all of my creative goals for this challenge. With only two prime lenses (Nikkor 50 f1.8 and 85mm f1.8), Nikon D850, beautiful model (Marie Combs/Scout Talent & Model Agency) and a talented makeup artist (Bonice Halverson) we produced images in not the most optimal lighting conditions, in between customers, employees and with out breaking anything on the shelves in the process to be published in the March 2019 issue of Picton Magazine.







You can view more of my work at:

QUESTIONS? info@robertsilverphotography.com


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