New Movie Release, AFTERMATH | COVID19 Documentary Kickstarter

“AFTERMATH: A COVID Story About A Sleepy Giant” A short poetic documentary about how COVID19 turned one of the most liveliest cities in the United States into a sleepy giant. An interpretation of the first two weeks of San Francisco’s shelter in place order.

Produced & directed by Robert Silver (A Day One Films Production)

Stuck inside like the rest of you. I’ve been struggling to deal with the impact of COVID19 crisis has had on my business as a photographer/videographer. Here is a film in response to what I have witnessed so far. But I think I can do so much more. 

Can you give us a hand? With your pledge we can produce a full length narrative documentary about the perspective from those directly affected by the fallout of COVID19; health care workers, service providers, small business owners, & more.

Please support my Kickstarter



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