Street Photography in San Francisco With My Brother and Sigma Art lenses

Nikon D850 + Sigma 35mm f1.4 Art Lens (1/1250, f4.0 ISO 200)

My normal go to lenses for portraits, street phtoography and landscapes has always been my Nikkor trinity lenses: 14-24mm, 24-70mm and 70-200mm f2.8 zoom lenses. With a wedding and photo walk with my brother happening in the same weekend I decided to creatively challenge myself.

Asked my Mike’s Camera to borrow a set of Sigma Art prime lenses. I have never captured an entire wedding with only prime lenses. Usually I use my med to telephoto zoom lenses for weddings due to convenience to access of multiple focal lengths and almost no need to change lenses during the event.

Nikon D850 + Sigma 35mm f1.4 Art Lens (1/200, f2.0 ISO 160)

Keeping all my Nikkor trinity zoom lenses at home meant that I had to move my feet to get the framing I wanted in my photos. The Sigma glass I decided to use was the 24mm f1.4, 35mm f1.4, 50mm f1.4 and the 85mm f1.4 Art lenses.

Nikon D850 + Sigma 24mm f1.4 Art Lens (1/1600, f6.3 ISO 800)

What I loved about shooting the Sigma Art lenses was my ability to quickly focus with little effort. Using the Nikon D850 certainly helped out but color I was getting out of each image was stunning. Having a 1.4 aperture on all the lenses meant that I don’t have to sacrifice shutter speed in low light condition. Allowing me to capture sharp images in the challenging lighting conditions of a church. I never had to raise my ISO over 3200 – 6400 is my personal limit. Don’t know why, it just is, lol.

Nikon D850 + Sigma 85mm f1.4 Art Lens (1/250, f1.8 ISO 500)
Nikon D850 + Sigma 50mm f1.4 Art Lens (1/1600, f3.5 ISO 800)
Nikon D850 + Sigma 35mm f1.4 Art Lens (1/640, f10 ISO 320)

Aside from the stunning results I was getting out the lenses the best part of using primes was that it changed how I capture images. Prime lenses forced me to think more when composing my shots. If I want to frame my subject in a particular way or get closer or wider meant that I had to move my feet. Slowing me down. Allowing me to take less pictures during through the wedding

I hope this inspires you to grab your camera and step out of your comfort zone. You never know what you’ll learn and what images you may be able to create.

If you want to try any of Sigma lens they are available for rent at any of Mike’s Camera locations.

Until next time… keep shooting and stay creative!

You can see all the images I took HERE.


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